Mother of the Mother Road Speaks Out.....

Article 1 - Front Page Hinton Record by Tim Curtin

Article 1 continued - Page 8 Hinton Record - Tim Curtin

An image showing the section of the Road to be destroyed

People to Contact to Protest The Destruction of Route 66

(Please refer to:Federal Aid Project # NHY-10N(010) on U.S.281 Spur, Canadian Co., Oklahoma)
    1. Contact THE MEDIA... try to get thru to the Associated Press & Affiliates

    2. Contact Congressman Lucas

    3. Sign an Online Petition with the Daily Oklahoman & ConnectOK  E-Connect
    (Post your comments about the destruction of Route 66 in OK here)

    4. US Dept. Of Transportation Hotlines Inspector General   on Abuse of Highways:
        DOT's Office of Inspector General
        1-(800)-424-9071 (nationwide)
       (202) 366-1461 (Washington, D.C.)
       FAX: (202) 366-7749
       Or write to:
       Inspector General
       P.O. Box 23178
       Washington, D.C. 20026-0178

    5. Contact other Oklahoma Newspapers

    6. Please let me know of ANY  ARTICLE you spot on Route 66 that might refer to its  destruction in ANY STATE..!

Update 10-4-99